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Man who has METH laboratory ( MKPURU MIRI) in VGC estate arrested by NDLEA

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA raided a building in the popular VGC estate in Lagos state and discover a METH laboratory on the property.

This laboratory is for production of methamphetamine (METH) it is what the Igbos call MKPURU MIRI which has been causing havoc to the youths in south East.

According to the estate management, officials of NDLEA have been trailing occupant of the apartment, since 2017.

The occupant Mr. Emeka Nzewi On Saturday, July 30, was arrested with his wife as the anti-drug agency carried out a sting operation in the house.

NDLEA statement says the boreholes and water supply located 500 meters from the raided building have been contaminated by the waste generated from the Laboratory.

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