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Falana Says' I have all the right information to expose all the criminals behind smuggling of fuel and crude oil theft.'

Fami Falana a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist said he has evidence to show that people in government were involved in crude oil theft and smuggling of petroleum products in the country.

The human right activist threatened to expose cartel of those in government behind the illegal crude oil bunkering and smuggling.

Falana spoke yesterday, at a two-day leadership retreat organised by Labour Party in Abuja, with the organised labour, captains of industries and other stakeholders both in the private and public sector were president of Nigeria Labour congress (NLC) was in attendance.

The was titled: ‘Nigeria at Cross Road; Labour Party the Only Option,’ there Falana said the government cannot feign ignorance about the identities of criminals in the up and downstream sectors of the country oil and Gas industry.

He said: “Today the government is thinking of increasing fuel price to N500. I want to say this here publicly, about seven years ago, the government spent a colossal sum of N50 billion to acquire a software by the Petroleum Equalisation Fund to track and monitor all tankers that load fuel in any part of the country.

''Today you are being told Nigerians deserve to be punished because of the criminal activities of a few people. 

''That the government will punish the people because of the criminal activities of a few.

''We have heard now that the Comptroller General of Customs has come out publicly to say that it’s impossible to smuggle daily about 10 million litres of fuel. Where did they pass?

''Nigeria is the only country where the government will come out and say we are losing $7 million every day because of oil theft. Nigeria is the only oil producing nation without data to know how much oil it produces daily.

''Five hundred tankers loading 36,000 litres of fuel. The NNPC has confirmed that yes, this is what is going on. Who are the oil thieves? They know them. Oil theft, oil smuggling, all have official partner,” said Falana.

''So the government knows and if they want information, we can make it available to the government. If they are sure they want to know those who are stealing us and those who are spoiling our country.

''In 2023 budget, the government said they are going to spend N453 billion on fuel subsidy. By June, the president presented a supplementary budget to the National Assembly that increased the budget to N4 trillion. The National Assembly did not debate, they passed it.

''Now the Minister of Finance is saying that figure will go to N6.5 trillion, that in the budget of next year, there would be no money for capital project.

'' I challenge the Nigerian Labour Congress, TUC and others that you must get to the root of this criminality once and for all. We will decide today. We will set up a committee. I have all the right information to expose all the criminals behind smuggling of fuel and criminal behind oil theft.''

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