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Minister of works inspects East-West Road passes vote of no confidence

Minister of Works, David Umahi passes vote of no confidence on the construction of the East-West Road, orders contractor to stop work

The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has passed a vote of no confidence on the contractors handling the East-West Road project. During an inspection of the road on Wednesday, September 20, Umahi decried the condition of the road despite the N71 billion pumped into its rehabilitation by the Federal Government.

The minister, according to a statement by the ministry’s Director of Press/Public Relations, Blessing Lere-Adams, gave the remarks after traveling by road from Abuja, through Kogi, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa to Port Harcourt, Rivers State. his trip to Port-Harcourt through the East-West Road yesterday was to inspect the progress of work on the highway.

Berating the company, Umahi said

“The gimmicks the contractors are using is an excuse of overloading. I am passing a vote of no confidence on the construction of this road. I won’t certify anything on this road; the road has failed and it is not acceptable to us. The road is full of potholes. We have paid over N71b, and the road has completely gone down. Also, the road has been further reviewed from N44 billion to N144 billion. Apart from the beautiful bridge you have built, the road has completely gone down.”

Facing the company’s representatives, the minister said

“Project manager, tell your team to meet me in Abuja on Monday to tell me what has caused the failure on the road. I do not accept that it is because of overloading trucks. Our roads are not properly being constructed, and I demand that these roads must be properly constructed. It is a fight that Nigerians must win, and Mr. President must win this fight for the sake of the Nigerian people to truly enjoy the dividends of a democratic government.’’

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